The Children in Care CollectiveWe are always better together than we are apart

The Children in Care Collective is an interagency think-tank formed in 2016 to share experience, discuss best practice, provide advocacy and learn from researchers and policy experts in out of home care. The Collective meets regularly and has agreed on priority practice areas to be discussed at these meetings. The group has identified a series of practice topics to focus on.

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The Collective has chosen to focus on a set of specific priorities in order to genuinely increase agency capability beyond anything that could be achieved as an individual agency.

Latest news

19 December 2019

The CCC is pleased to share the results of its discussions with the Australian Tax Office on acceptable non-taxable allowances that may be paid to carers of children with complex needs.

8 November 2019

Children in Care Collective welcomes funding for child protection information sharing platform

Our focus is onImproving Out of Home Care

The members of the Collective are experts in the field of out of home care providing valuable practitioner knowledge and adding value to the service system through dialogue and problem solving. Over the last two years the Collective has been addressing solutions to difficult systemic practice issues faced by the sector.
The Collective has done this by using
evidence based practice, drawing on the lessons learnt by the sector and engaging with relevant academics.
The Collective’s responses to issues is informed by this strong body of research.


The DetailsSee exactly what we aim to achieve.

  • Build

    We aim to build the capacity of the agencies involved in the Collective

  • Partner

    We aim to adopt a partnership relationship with funding bodies/regulators

  • Advocate

    We aim to create a positive voice as one Collective which establishes the group as a ‘go to’ group that advocates for the policy issues that impact young people in out of home care with complex needs

The CollectiveConsists of the following dedicated agencies

*Secretariat for the Collective is provided by Life Without Barriers