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The Children in Care Collective is an interagency think-tank formed in 2016 that meets to share experience, discuss best practice informed by research, provide advocacy and learn from policy experts in out of home care. The members of the Collective are service providers working with children with complex needs.

The Collective has chosen to focus on a set of specific priorities in order to genuinely lift agency capability beyond anything that could be achieved as an individual agency. The underlying principle of this approach being that we are always better together than we are apart. The voice of the Young Person is paramount to all activities and recommendations made by the Collective. The Collective has a strong focus on issues to do with service provision in NSW, but also have an interest in issues nationally and in other jurisdictions. The Collective prioritises working collaboratively with other providers in health, education and juvenile justice.

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The members of the Collective are experts in the field of out of home care, providing valuable practitioner knowledge and adding value to the service system through dialogue and problem solving

Addressing solutions

Over the last two years the Collective has been addressing solutions to difficult systemic practice issues faced by the sector. The Collective has done this by using evidence based practice, drawing on the lessons learnt by the sector and engaging with relevant academics

The Collective isDiscussing these issues.

  • Staff

    Recruiting, training and retaining staff

  • Attitudes

    Shifting the staff mindset to preservation and restoration

  • Learning

    Embed culture of continuous learning and team support

  • Cultural care

    How we can achieve transition of the care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled organisations

  • Cultural carers

    How to recruit more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander foster carers

  • Information exchange

    What can we learn from out of home care models in other states

  • Permanency

    Legislative reforms; permanency provisions and achieving permanency

The Collective isLeading these policy issues.

  • Paid workforce

    Establishing a professional paid workforce to provide out of home care

  • Behaviour issues

    Children with harmful sexual behaviours

  • Adoption support

    Post guardianship and adoption support services

  • After care

    Supporting young people in care up until the age of 25