The Children in Care CollectiveWe are always better together than we are apart

The Children in Care Collective is an interagency think-tank formed in 2016 to share experience, discuss best practice, learn from researchers and policy experts in out of home care and advocate for change.

Members of the Collective are out-of-home care service providers and academics centres in Australia. Together they provide a unique combination of practitioner and academic wisdom and experience. The Collective uses evidence-based practice, practitioner knowledge, research and the expert knowledge of children and young people themselves to address difficult systemic issues for children and young people with complex needs living in out-of-home care.


We believe the CCC’s achievements are a testament to the value of a collective approach to key issues that impact the children, young people and communities we support


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Children in care need opportunities to connect with families, communities, culture and have relationships that last a lifetime. Watch Allambi Care’s presentation on its family finding work.



The Collective isMade up of the following dedicated organisations

Each logo is linked to the home site of that organisation. Please follow the link to find out more about a particular organisation.


Membership is open to out-of-home care service providers or leading academic experts in the field of working with children with complex needs. Enquiries about membership can be made through the CONTACT US page.

*Secretariat for the Collective is provided by Life Without Barriers