Children in Care CollectiveSubmissions

Using evidence and the collective experience of its members, the Children in Care Collective contributes to the development of policy and practice improvements related to its purpose. The Collective seeks to influence policy and practice improvements by sharing its collective experience and wisdom with decision-makers and key stakeholders. One way of creating this kind of impact is by contributing to discussion papers and reports when those opportunities arise. The submissions made by the Collective are listed below, with links to its more recent work. The Collective also advocates for legislative and policy change where the rights and interests of children with complex needs will be served by such changes. The campaigns that the Collective supports are listed below.

Policy Submissions

Campaign Support

Extending support for young people leaving care

Home Stretch sign up
The Children in Care Collective is committed to better supporting young people when they leave the out-of-home care system. In November 2019, the Collective signed up to support the NSW Home Stretch call to action.
Home Stretch is a campaign backed by many organisations who believe the out-of-home care system should support vulnerable youth until they are 21 years old, rather than ending formal care arrangements at the age of 18 years. The Collective fully endorses this position.

Raise the age of criminal responsibility

CCC supports raising the age
The Children in Care Collective supports the call on the Australian Council of Attorneys-General by the Australian and New Zealand Children’s Commissioners and Guardians (ANZCCG) to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 years of age to the internationally recognised standard of 14 years.

Representations to the NSW Attorney General
The Children in Care Collective has made representations to the NSW Attorney-General supporting a decision in 2021 to raise the age of criminal responsibility in Australia from 10 years to 14 years. July 2021

Proposed increase in the cost to students of social work degrees

Following representations to individual government ministers, in September 2020 the Children in Care Collective made a submission to the Education and Employment Legislation Committee which reviewed the government’s Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020. The Collective’s particular concern was the proposed increase in student contributions to the cost of social work degrees. The consultations on the Job-Ready Graduates legislation resulted in the Government announcing that it proposed creating ‘the disciplines of Professional Pathway Psychology and Professional Pathway Social Work’ and that social work studies would be moved to a lower tier of fees